How Men Should Treat Malaysia Escorts

How to treat Malaysia Escorts

Although Malaysia escorts are agreeing to have sex with you, it does not mean that you own them because you don’t! There are a lot of respectful gentlemen who use Malaysia escort for a variety of reasons, and they treat their escort with kindness and respect, but there are also some ignorant and creepy men who try to take advantage of their escort and disrespect them.

If you’re someone who likes to disrespect people or belittle them? You probably should stay home and keep jerking off to porn on the internet because if you go to Malaysia and disrespect an escort? You will probably get your ass kicked by their bodyguard, and you’ll learn the hard way. On the other hand, if you’re someone who respects people’s boundaries in general? You will enjoy your experience with a variety of beautiful Malaysia escorts, but there are some things that escorts do not like!

Don’t Expect to Go Unwrapped!

You shouldn’t expect bareback full-service from Malaysia escorts. It’s way too dangerous, and quite frankly, it’s downright ignorant and chances are, she’ll say no. If your escort said no, don’t be sneaky and try to take the condom off during sex or try to cut it open. Malaysia escorts are not stupid, they will notice the disrespect, and there’s a very good chance they’ll end the session on the spot.

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If you’re someone who makes a habit of trying to take your condom off with escorts? Do yourself a favor and stay home because Malaysia escorts are not into people like you. On a lighter note, if you’re someone who respects your escort and plays the game safely, you can expect exceptional service.

Don’t Treat Malaysia Escorts Like Whores!

Malaysia escorts are respectful women, and some of them are young mothers, so keep that in mind. Most escorts report that about 95 percent of their clients are perfect gentlemen, leaving five percent of those who think it’s okay to treat their escort like a porn-star that they viewed online in a hardcore sex scene? Malaysia escorts are not whores, so don’t treat them like one. It’s important to remember, respect goes both ways. Treat your escort with respect and you will have a positive experience.

Don’t Ask for Their Personal Cellphone Number!

It’s very easy to fall in love with Malaysia escorts due to their innocence and pristine beauty, but their job is to fulfill your fantasy and not be your girlfriend, so don’t get the two confused, and don’t ask them for their cell phone number. Most escorts in Malaysia work for a reviewed escort agency, and the phones they use belong to the agency. You wouldn’t want your wife seeing a text massage from an escort; therefore, respect their privacy as well.

If you’re someone who can follow the above rules on how to treat Malaysia escorts, click here for the best reviewed escort agency in Malaysia and get started now.